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The Storyteller's Letter

Hi Friends 💌,

Exciting news I am starting to dive back into writing my book again! It is such a huge undertaking, and after taking another long break from it, I wasn't sure I would ever return to writing it. But here I am again, and this time with renewed passion in 2021. For those of you who haven't heard, I am writing a 4 part epic fantasy fiction novel, called "Once Upon a Spiral", slowly writing now over the past 10 years, wow and what an adventure it has been so far...

Just for fun I wanted to share the introduction letter from the Storyteller to the Reader, this comes before the book's main story begins, granted it is still a work in progress, and will be going through editing (as much of my book still is, especially Part 1 is getting a makeover), but it feels good to get something out for sharing, it's been a while!

So here the Storyteller's introduction letter...📜💓


Before I begin, please forgive me. I’m not so good at remembering names, so I left a space here for you to write it, whenever you’d like and only if it amuses you...

Dear ________________,

As I sit here by candlelight, pen and ink to paper, with these frail old man hands of mine, some might call me stubborn because I still write the old fashioned way; with my feathered quill, homemade ink, and paper I have crafted myself, and I am very proud of. Perhaps it is because I am old, or stubborn, or both, but in this age of advanced technologies, of gadgets and gizmos, and what have you, I still prefer to write as I do. It may take me longer than most, but I am just a simple old man, and I like to do things my way. And because of this I will also leave out any details of technology in this story I am writing for you; by the way a very important story! It’s not because I see anything wrong with technology, on the contrary the stuff amazes me, but it is only because I don’t understand too much about it, and I wouldn’t want to confuse you, as I said I am a simple old man, who apparently likes to ramble too. But not to worry my friend, I will do my best to leave my ramblings out of this story too!

And now I wonder how I am to introduce to you this brilliant young woman? She is one with whom I’ve come to know and adore, and with whom I feel I owe my life and very existence to. She has shown me about the imagination, and beyond any way I have ever known. She has taught me to boldly cross over boundaries that separate realities, and to explore, by choice, the corridors that weave worlds together. I do not only sit here in this chair, writing to you upon my vegetable parchment, atop this simple little desk, with only random thoughts to convey, oh no, there’s much more here!

I am aware of a depth, an alchemy of this very moment that is creating a bridge. It is a blending of seemingly separate worlds together, not only yours and mine, but a whole spectrum of worlds, or call them dimensions if you will, that most of the time go unseen. Yes I am aware of this. The story that I am about to write for you, which we are embarking on now as you read this, begins with this imaginative young woman.

I have been called, and most graciously accept out of service, to be the messenger of a new kind of book. One that perhaps will touch the hearts and souls of many, but most importantly touch yours. I ask you, most audacious one, to open up your imagination, for it is only in your imagination that you have the ability to create this story as I write it. I am only the writer, for it is you who is creating the story as it unfolds. And dear friend, this not just a story as one would most commonly think, oh no! It is a story beyond a “story”, a new type of fiction that is more real than any facts or evidence you could conjure up from some dusty old textbook lying around on a shelf.

With all this said, if you are ready my dear reader, let us begin our adventure…


And there it is 💜💗 ...

(it will come in a beautiful handwriting font in the book itself, real quality 😊)

And here are a couple of snapshots of my office, as I start to pull out materials, notes & sketches, it's a fun mess :-)

So that's all for now, hope you have an enjoyable and creative day 🌼🌺!

See you around Blog Magic :-)😉

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