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Becky of Colors, Rebecca Blanco
Becky of Colors, Rebeca Blanco
Becky of Colors, Rebecca Blanco
a little about Creator & Artist...


Becky of Colors is my artist name that came to be because my love of colors! Some of you may also know me by my birth name, Rebecca Maria Blanco or just Becky. I am also known at times as my self-given spirit name 'Winddancer'. Other names from the past you may have heard: Maya Papaya, Spider Writer, Butterfly ƸӜƷ Becky.


I have a love of beauty and nature that is inspiration for my art. I also have a deep love for the act of creation itself! Beyond painting and crafting, I also enjoy capturing magical moments through photography, and sharing facets of wisdom  through creative writing and poetry...


Some of you may know me through my former ventures, including my website Festival of Colors that was the main hub for my art and writing for 11 years! You may also know me through the Crystal Playgrounds. It is possible you may have received graphic design services through The Creative Flower, or you may be familiar with my local work with Isis Scrolls Magazine (now Wholistic Heartbeat). In other ways, you may know me through my online presence on Facebook: Simple Creative Magic, and further more we may be friends through Crimson Circle, a gathering space for dedicated embodied masters.


I am constantly discovering new ways to express myself through creative art forms that bring my life to life, so to speak! I call it Living Art, and it is a way life, it is living life as art in its beautiful ever-changing expression.


Love, freedom, joy, and beauty, to name a few, are the catalysts for the work I do, which is less like work and more like play! It is usually a lot of fun and always comes from my heart <3
Thanks for visiting my online Living Art Gallery! I invite you to take a look around and see what inspires you...


Take Care and Enjoy!

A few fun facts: I live in the USA, I am originally from Pennsylvania just north of Philadelphia. In my early 20's I attended college for a few years on scholarship, but surprisingly I didn't go for art. I am currently writing my first epic work of fiction that is still in the making. Finally, my birthday is February 23 :)<3!


Artist, Writer, Magic Maker

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