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Meet Fluidity - An Inner View

Meet Fluidity is a painting I made of my magical swan friend named "Fluidity".

I don't really have a prescribed method when it comes to art. Every painting or artwork I make is created uniquely, and is about discovering ways to express and traverse unchartered dimensions and new ground.

Meet Fluidity started as a little pen sketch with no name, then it became a slightly bigger pencil sketch on a piece of scrap paper (on a side note: I have lots of scrap paper from discarded drafts of the book I am currently writing, to my surprise, I later saw the back of the scrap paper I used and it happened to be one of the few parts of my book where the beloved Swan of "Swan Lake", makes an appearance, perfect!)

I took a few photos of my hands in this position for reference, but it was challenging to get the right position before the camera timer went off! So I ended up combining a few angles.

Then I did something I don't usually do, I lightly sketched the design directly onto a black canvas, where as I normally start painting without sketching. From there I took it in small steps, with simple and fairly short sessions.

I actually painted the inside hands, including the inside palms, before adding the water, as you can see here...

Another thing makes this painting a little different is, just for fun, I used glitter paint to highlight and accentuate both the aqua colored background and the water's surface where Fluidity is floating (by the way, Fluidity Floats along with a few other titles, were runners up in choosing a name for the painting) I love the subtle sparkle it created in these areas :)

All in all, the pictures do not do the actual painting or its colors justice! I guess you will either have to come and see my painting in person or spark up that imagination to get a better idea of what it truly looks like <3!

Thanks for joining me in this brief

inner view of Meet Fluidity!

See you around Blog Magic!

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