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Is it an Authentic

Becky of Colors?

My artist signature has changed through the years, but more recently over the last  few years it has become more refined and constant. To know if it is an authentic "Becky of Colors"  look for the unmistakable "B" with a heart, or the butterfly shape for 'Butterfly Becky', or what can be seen as my initials, B.B. for Becky Blanco :)

Permissions and Copyright (c)

I grant permission for the use of any of the material or art found on this website under the condition that it is for non-commercial use only and that clear and proper credit be given to the artist and the link to this website (Artist: Becky of Colors from If you would like to use any of my materials for commercial use please contact me for a possible arrangement. Thanks!

Artist, Writer, Magic Maker

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