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I am excited to share my new writer's corner! For a couple of months I have been preparing and setting up a space to write. It is now complete and the continued writing of my book has been well underway for about a week now :)

I love my new corner, especially the window that overlooks the field by the side of my house. Every day birds, deer, and wildlife come to visit and I watch them as I write!

I also got a brand new laptop (thanks to a friend who invested in me <3)! To my relief, it's much easier to use than my old one, of course! It feels good to upgrade :)

After a few long pauses from writing my book, this epic work of fiction is now in progress again, and it's really coming along! So here I wanted to share some exciting tidbits... As you may have already seen, I have already created one map so far, and I am also delighted to say there's at least one more on the way!

Just for fun I recently started a list of characters in my book as well as for the lands and locations. It's is helpful to see them all on one page at the same time!

My book could be considered something along the lines of a fantasy meets a real-life adventure, although it is much more than this, and it covers entirely new ground in the beloved world of fiction and literature! It comes in four parts, and I am well into writing the third now. Part one will need some serious editing and rewriting, when the time comes of course!

I will keep you posted about this awe-inspiring book, which I am affectionately calling; Once Upon a Spiral, as it comes along and progresses. So look forward to exciting upcoming news!

Thanks for checking in and visiting Blog Magic; see you around <3!

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