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Welcome to Blog Magic

A warm welcome to Blog Magic and the grand opening of my new website! This is my first official blog and I am very excited with the potentials and possibilities here!

I am looking forward to sharing inspired creative works, including the making of my art, short stories, poetry, life events, facets of wisdom, funny things, and lots of other fun surprises I'm sure!

I have already gotten started by posting a handful of posts, and much more on the way. I will slowly be adding new posts to this blog from my archives as well as fresh posts when the inspiration arrives :)

It has been a wonderful 11 years with my former site Festival of Colors, a website I created to celebrate beauty, consciousness, creation, and life, and it feels good to be here now with you, launching my new and transformed site as the celebration continues <3

I cannot say what comes next, but whenever you are here, you can be sure that magic is afoot!

I invite you to take a look around... Thanks for celebrating with me!

See you around Blog Magic!

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