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Tea Under the Sea - A Closer Look

There is a lot to discover in the enchanting world of "Tea Under the Sea"! Care to join me for a cup of tea, amidst the wonders that can only be found on the ocean floor?

This acrylic on canvas painting was my first artwork of this type with a notable amount of detail. As you can imagine it took some time to complete! Painted with care and an eye for detail, each element took on a unique quality of its own.

Here are a few chosen close ups... the first one is of a parent starfish with it's baby, then an adorable clown fish, and of course the cute little blue crab! Also pictured below is a magical school of fish, and a pretty fan shell :)

If you would like to see more closeups check out my facebook post here:

Tea Under the Sea

Thanks for joining me for a cup of tea!

Hope to see you again soon on Blog Magic!

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