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Landscape Leggings

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I got this idea while lying in bed one day. Because of an injury to my leg I had been laying there a lot with not much to do, but when in your imagination, you are never only just “lying in bed”. So as I laid there, horses suddenly began to run down one of my legs, and so began the discovery of a whimsical world which eventually became the inspiration for the painting you see here that I named "Landscape Leggings"

Definitely by far the most difficult aspect of this painting for me was its perspective, the not so typical viewing angle was challenging to capture, but I surprised myself many times, and had lots of fun while creating it.

Here is a short video animation I put together of images I documented as it evolved… there are some gaps where I forgot to take photos, but you will get a general idea, and for what’s missing there is always the imagination to help you out!

You can also check out up close details of this painting (definitely worth seeing, as there is a lot of details!) here on my Facebook post:

Enjoy and see you again soon on

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